Going Completely Electric By 2025?

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Car Dealership

Jaguar intends to go electric by 2025. This is not readily apparent in the 2023 lineup. It currently has only one electric vehicle (EV). This is the I-Pace. The rest of the lineup does not commit to the stated goal. It does, however, indicate a focus on what are necessary precursors to change – streamlining and introducing innovative technology.

Streamlining and/or Updating

Streamlining involves if not removing models, reducing trims. The E-PACE bow is only available as a P250 model. The only F-type coupe and sedan left is unchanged for 2023, however, it now only offers a V8 engine. It is also the only model not to boast standard adaptive cruise control. However, significant changes have been made to the company’s most popular SUV – the F-Pace, in the form of a new SVR Edition 1988 variant. It is only going to be produced in limited numbers.

Several of the alterations to the newest Jaguar vehicles involve innovative technology becoming standard. All models will now sport Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Now, all models equipped with the increasingly sophisticated Pivi Pro infotainment system can access Amazon Alexa. This is notable in the completely electric offering from the company – the 2023 I-Pace.

Jaguars for 2023

Overall, Jaguar in Philadelphia does not make any major changes for the 2023 model year. However, it is focusing increasingly on improving its technology as well as its safety devices. Over the following years, it is expected more models will be streamlined as the company moves toward only offering luxurious and high-tech EVs.

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