Getting Air Filters Replaced During Oil Changes in Davenport IA

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Automotive

Oil changes in Davenport, IA commonly include some additional tasks for free with the full-service or premium option. Topping off fluid levels, along with checking and adjusting tire pressure, are typical examples. During this routine maintenance, the technician also can do quick jobs for an affordable price, such as replacing a burned-out taillight or a dirty air filter.

Symptoms of Dirty Air Filters

The vehicle owner may never realize the air filter is dirty and should be changed. But in the meantime, that dirty filter can be reducing fuel economy and compromising engine performance. If the filter is dirty enough, a bit of rough idling might become evident as the engine gasps for air. Acceleration speed decreases, but it happens so gradually that the problem might not be noticed.

Timing for the Replacement

In general, changing the air filter at least every 15,000 miles is a good idea. If the owner’s manual has different guidelines, those instructions should be followed. If the person often drives on gravel or dirt roads, dust and dirt accumulates in the filter, since this small piece of equipment keeps the debris out of your engine. That means the device should be replaced more often. The same is true in a windy rural region where dirt and sand blow around.

An automotive technician can change air filters during routine auto oil changes in . Mechanics at a garage like Bi-State Auto Service Center will show the filter to the customer before making the replacement so it can be determined whether it’s OK to wait until the next maintenance appointment. Check out to schedule the service.


These filters are inexpensive, so the vehicle owner shouldn’t be tempted to try cleaning them in an effort to save money. They aren’t like bagless vacuum cleaner filters that can be cleaned by banging them on the pavement or against a building. Some of the dirt, bugs and other debris can be eliminated this way, but damage to the filter is likely. That can lead to small bits of filter material and more dirt getting into the engine. It’s simply not worth avoiding the purchase of a new one.

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