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Diesel Equipment In Queensland: Types Available

Though diesel vehicles aren’t quite as popular for passenger needs, they are still prevalent in a variety of industries. Therefore, you may need to have or order diesel equipment in Queensland to keep your vehicle running correctly. Often, people wonder about diesel fuel pumps. There are four primary types, so it helps to understand a bit about each one. For example, the common rail fuel pump is a system that is electronically controlled. It’s a newer option that was designed to meet the stricter regulations for exhaust gas. You’ll get the supply pump, injectors, common rail, and multiple sensors. With it, the engine will drive the supply pump. This produces more high-pressured fuel, and then the common rail distributes it to the injectors.

Diesel equipment in Queensland can also include other types of fuel pumps. You’ll find the distributor injection pump, either rotary (electronically controlled) or mechanically controlled. Both options are often available from your preferred auto shop store. However, the rotary one uses sensors and electronic control units. It works similarly to the common rail pump. The mechanically-controlled distributor pump only has one fuel pressure mechanism. This follows the pre-determined injection order and distributes appropriately-pressurised fuel to the cylinders. There is also an in-line pump, which is also mechanically controlled.

It is often used for larger trucks or construction machinery. The camshaft drives injection control and fuel pressure mechanisms within the pump. Now that you understand the various types of fuel pumps and why it’s an important aspect of diesel equipment in Queensland, it’s time to learn where to buy them. Emerald Diesel Pump & Injector Service offers a variety of fuel pumps and other parts. You’ll find the injectors, power modules, and filters, as well as others. Visit our website to start searching for the products you need today.

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