Details About Speedometer Repair In Tucson, AZ

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Automotive

In Arizona, speedometers help drivers keep track of their speed when they’re driving. When the parts are faulty, they don’t present an accurate speed, and the driver could get a speeding ticket. At the first sign of an issue with the speedometer, the owner should schedule Speedometer Repair in Tucson AZ.

What are Indications that the Speedometer is Faulty?

The check engine light comes on when the speedometer is faulty. The cruise control could also stop operating when the speedometer fails. Aside from these issues, the most obvious indicator is that the speedometer itself stops or has clear glitches. Computer codes acquired from the vehicle’s computer also determine if a replacement is needed.

How Do Service Providers Find the Right Speedometer?

The make and model of the vehicle are needed to review speedometers for the vehicle. However, the vehicle identification number is often used to track down the right product as well.

When Should a Speedometer Undergo Calibration?

Any modifications made to the vehicle can change the way the speedometer works. The most common changes are increasing or decreasing the size of the tires. The increase in size could change the accuracy of the speedometer. After the changes, the speedometer must be calibrated.

What are Common Causes for the Speedometer to Stop Working?

A broken speed sensor could prevent the speedometer from working properly. The sensor identifies the exact speed of the vehicle and operates the cruise control. It also regulates the ignition time and fuel flow.

Malfunctioning engine control units could also affect the speedometer. A glitch in the computerized system could generate faulty speed readings.
Faulty fuses or wiring issues also affect the speedometer. If the wires or fuses get wet, they could malfunction or short out. Fuses are replaced easily. However, wires require professional repairs and replacement services.

In Arizona, speedometers help drivers maintain their speed when driving. When the parts fail, it places the driver and others at risk on the road. If the driver doesn’t know how fast they are going, it could lead to an accident. Auto owners who need Speedometer Repair in Tucson AZ can contact Dick’s Speed-O-Tach and schedule an appointment today.

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