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Considerations Regarding Expectations for Shops Providing Auto Repair in East Lansing MI

When it comes to Auto Repair in East Lansing MI, vehicle owners want the garage to have certain attributes. It does not have to look particularly beautiful on the outside or inside, although customers who wait for the repair work to be finished appreciate a clean and comfortable place to sit. It doesn’t need satellite TV, but a fresh pot of coffee and a soda vending machine are appreciated. What are the more important features customers require when they need car repair?


The facility must have mechanics who routinely receive training, so they are up to speed with the latest technology. Technicians who have been certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence wear the ASE credential, indicating their high level of expertise to customers.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Equipment

Customers also expect a garage for Auto Repair in East Lansing MI to have cutting-edge diagnostic equipment so a mechanic can promptly determine what is wrong if it’s not obvious. The check engine light, for instance, may or may not be accompanied by symptoms indicating something is amiss. Often, an experienced mechanic has a strong hunch what the problem is just from hearing about the symptoms, and the diagnostic device confirms that suspicion.

Regarding Estimates

Some vehicle owners hope that a mechanic from a shop such as Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service can give an estimate over the phone without their having to bring the car in. But, unless the owner is certain about what the problem is, getting an accurate estimate can be difficult. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a guessing game.

The vehicle owner might call and say the brake pedal pulsates, and the mechanic can say it’s a sign that the rotors are warped and need to be resurfaced or replaced. Beyond that, this technician can give an estimate for resurfacing rotors if they are not too worn out or replacing them if that proves necessary. However, without taking the wheels off and directly determining this is the issue, that estimate may be inaccurate. Although warped rotors are the most likely cause, other less likely causes are possible. A problem with the wheel bearings is an example.

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