Consider Used Instead of New When Buying a Car From a Bismarck Dealership

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Automotive

When it comes time to replace your current vehicle, consider looking at old cars for sale in Bismarck, ND. Buying used instead of new provides you with several benefits that you might not have considered. Once you review a few of those advantages, you might find that buying a brand new vehicle is losing its appeal.

Get a Smoother Ride

A car that’s just a few years older will have been driven by a previous owner long enough that all of the kinks will have been worked out. During those first few years, there will be small mechanical repairs and adjustments that will need to be made. However, by the time you get the vehicle, all of those bugs will have been fixed.

Avoid an Upside-Down Car Loan

A brand new car really isn’t a wise investment because it will lose 20% of its value in the first three years of ownership. This means you’ll end up owing more than the car is worth within just a couple of years. When you buy a car that’s more than three years old, you’ll avoid that sharp depreciation curve and get more value for your purchase.

Get the Car You Want at a Lower Cost

It’s not uncommon to compromise on a specific make and model in order to remain within a limited budget. When you look at old cars for sale in Bismarck, ND, you’ll find you can get the same make and model you want at a lower price by buying an older model. Buying used can also let you upgrade to a sportier or more luxurious vehicle than you intended.

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