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Choosing Between Windshield Repair And Complete Replacement

There seems to be more ways that the windshield in your car can be damaged than you can count; everything from running into a bird at 60 miles per hour to a rock falling from the gravel truck you are following.

The types of windshield damage:

The windshield used in your car is made from two layers of glass that are separated by and bonded to a central core of plastic; it is this construction that stops them from shattering when they sustain damage. If the windshield actually breaks it will break into small pieces that will not cause injury, in the majority of cases when the windshield is impacted by an object the result will be a chip or crack.

Choosing between repair or windshield replacement in Chicago is not always a black and white decision. Small cracks and chips as well as scratches are not difficult to repair but before deciding what to do, consider the following:

   *   The type of damage
   *   The location of the damage
   *   What is the extent of the damage, and
   *   What are the laws pertaining to damaged windshields

Edge damage: A windshield that suffers damage, no matter how small, that is in the line of sight of the driver, should be replaced. If a repair is made there is always a chance that there will be a distortion, there is also the possibility of dirt becoming embedded in the chip or crack which impairs visibility.

State law: Although the law in Illinois does not specify the size or extent of windshield damage it does state that motorists are not allowed to drive a vehicle if the windshield condition is such that the driver’s vision is impaired.

As the windshield is an integral structural component of a vehicle it is always better to err on the side of caution.

A chipped or cracked windshield is very dangerous, especially when the damage impairs the driver’s vision. For windshield replacement in Chicago you are invited to visit Frank’s Auto Glass. Visit them online at

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