3 Signs You Should Schedule an Alignment With a Jacksonville Auto Mechanic

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Auto Repair

There are certain steps you should take to care for your vehicle and extend its life. In addition to getting the oil changed on a regular basis, you should also be paying close attention to how your car or truck functions. One change to watch for is the indication that you need a car alignment in Jacksonville, FL. Knowing the signs of a poor alignment can help you get your car or truck serviced before more serious problems develop.

Unusual Tread Wear

A telltale sign that you need an alignment is the way in which the tread on your tires wears down. As you check your tires, look for wear on the inner edges of the front tires. If the problem has been affecting your vehicle for a long time, you may also see the wires beneath the tread exposed.

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

You should periodically check how your vehicle handles on the open road. As you drive along a straight stretch of road, briefly let go of the steering wheel. The vehicle should continue to drive relatively straight. If it pulls to one side, this indicates a problem with the alignment.

Unusual Sounds

Another sign that you need an immediate car alignment in Jacksonville, FL, will be unusual sounds. Your steering wheel may vibrate or make unusual sounds as you turn. This can indicate insufficient steering fluid or it may be a problem with the alignment. You should also get your car or truck serviced if your tires make squealing sounds as you turn or brake.

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