12-Passenger Ford Van Leasing in the City: A Convenient Option for Mid-Sized Groups

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Car Rental

Organizations that need to transport numerous passengers on a regular basis may own one 12-passenger van or have a fleet. Individuals typically don’t buy this kind of vehicle unless they have a very large family. The 12-passenger vehicles are available from companies that provide Ford Van Leasing service.

Traveling Together

These van rentals from a company like C.C. Rental are excellent options for people who only have a one-time or an occasional need for a vehicle of this size. They might be transporting a group of friends or relatives to a party or other event, for example. They may be traveling upstate to attend a wedding, and they like the idea of the extended family being able to go together. It’s more fun than everyone taking separate cars.

A group of friends or relatives who fly to New York City for a vacation also may be interested in Ford Van Leasing. This provides them with the freedom and flexibility they want to follow prearranged plans and also make some spontaneous decisions on where to go next. The van lets them stay together, which isn’t possible with a regular rental car or taxi service.

An Important Consideration

Of course, it’s important that at least one person in the group feels comfortable driving a vehicle of this size in the city. That can be a significant challenge to anyone who’s not familiar with this urban center or is inexperienced with maneuvering in the heavy traffic congestion common in the nation’s biggest cities.

The Occasional Visit

Sometimes, retired couples and individuals move south but enjoy visiting their families up north. They may fly to New York City and pick up a van rental that allows them to easily travel around with their adult kids and grandchildren. They want to get the most out of these visits even while heading out to a zoo, a museum, or another attraction.

Van Leasing vs. Limo Service

Another possibility for staying together is to rent limo service, but that can get pricey when the group wants to go out of the city or ride around on several different days. Van rental is a more economical option. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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